Today we have this very brilliant and unique personality.  A Reggae & Classical musician. A former journalist. His love for what he does is inspiring. I call him “Egbon” which means big brother in yoruba language, its not as if I am yoruba. At his last recital I was there and it was beautiful *wheeeew*.

At age9 he grew into the adult choir , and then at a time he was the youngest performing Baritone singer in Nigeria just at 17, but he couldn’t stop loving REGGAE Music.

IMG-20150901-WA00251. Tell us about you and where your from. 

Nesta: I am from Akaboukwu, Nnewi in Anambra state Nigeria.

2. What genre of music are you into?

Nesta: I’m a Reggae singer, I also sing Classical music.

3. Who are the people that inspire you?

Nesta: I’m inspired by Bob  Marley, Peter Tosh, Joseph Hills, Marley’s Sons, Phil Collins, Paul Simon, Fela…

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