PETERU!!!!!!! As that Yoruba grandmama would misinterprete his English name. Here is a cool chap, one of Nigeria’s Finest Baritone singers this week on KORALTIMES.

Olumide Dada started out as a Chorister at the Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos Island. He got his first training from Ms Regina Anajemba who introduced him to professional classical singing. He later moved on to Join Laz Ekwueme Chorale, and there he grew in leaps and bounds singing with great Classical Singers like; Dare Art Alade, Ben Ogbeiwi, Ige and many other talented Classical Vocalists.
In 2006 he started out Professionally, after taking part in the Muson Talent Hunt and emerging as the 1st runner up.


Olumide in Concert.

According to Olumide, Classical Music has been seen as alien to the Nigerian society, as only the elites enjoy it and also attend concerts. If not for Colonial Influence, no one knows what would have been of the genre in Africa’s most populous Nation. It then becomes difficult for Classical Artistes to make ends meet with the genre. Here Olumide speaks on the Matter;

“Classical Music is not as accepted as pop and all, but it’s coming up, Its for the elite, because its naturally on the low beat, its not club music”

He also talks about the scarcity of quality Baritone Singers in Nigeria;

“For other genres of Music, you don’t have to work hard, and this has influenced young Baritones in Nigeria. They fail to understand that professional singing requires a lot of training.
You have to be very good to be known and heard out there, because Baritone is Low Range, you have to do a lot in concert to impress people. Unlike a soprano, if she just sings one high note, everybody starts clapping. You have to be very good to make it. In as much as it is a small industry, the competition is very high and so, you must be on top of your game at all times”


Olumide serenading some ladies in a concert, as Don Jazzy watches in amazement.

Olumide also points out a lot of issues that affects the Classical/Opera genre in Nigeria, some of which includes low Payments to Classical Musicians and Lack of qualified Vocal Trainers. In all of it, he stands tall in the business, making ends meet from it. A very brave move you would say.
He has worked with Yinka Davies, and many other Nigerian Pop and Jazz Artistes and has carved a niche for himself.

A Native of Abeokuta in Ogun State, Nigeria, Olumide has been a member of Laz Ekwueme Chorale, Steve Rhodes Voices, Play house voices, Lagos City Chorale and many more.
In 2011, he gained a scholarship by MTN to study Music at the Muson School of Music. He grabbed the opportunity with both hands, in other to be more grounded in his musical ability. He finished from the school, as the Best Vocalist of his set.


He is also an European Choir Games Medalist, having represented and Won Gold Medals for Nigeria with the Lagos City Chorale at the competition in Magdeburg, Germany earlier this year.

He has taken part in several productions,  like “SARO, The Musical”, playing a Lead role in the show.
Olumide is also an Actor and Voice Over Artiste.


An astute showman, Olumide wows his audience.

Please put your hands together for this wonderful performer, one of Nigeria’s Finest Baritone singers, Olumide Dada.


Click on the links below to watch some of Olumide Dada’s performances;


Ifediora, Obinna Maurice

Musical Society of Nigeria
8/9 Marina, Onikan Lagos.
(±234) 708-708-6669
(+234) 706-338-3135




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