He made headlines in Nigeria as the first Classical Singer of this generation to perform before a mammoth crowd at the Experience 2015, organized by House on The Rock Church. A prayer made by every Nigerian Classical Singer who is only confined to performing at small gatherings, Churches, and small concert halls.
It is note worthy to state that, performing before a massive crowd of 700,000 people is a big achievement any Classical Singer can ever attain and for this, I am particularly happy.


A fraction of the crowd at the Experience 2015

It is an achievement to be joyful about and that’s because soon enough, some other singer will get another nod and then another singer to the other etc.


Julius flagged by Nathaniel Bassey, Don Moen, Donnie McClurkin, Micah Stampley, Sammy Okposo and a host of other stars.


Julius performing on the night

A native of Ama-Nglass in Eastern Obolo LGA in Akwa Ibom State, Julius Nglass who happens to be the son of a very popular Anglican Clergyman (Archbishop) – The Most Reverend Emmanuel Nglass, it was only natural for the every child to be in the choir or church band. That training paid off for the Nglass boys as everyone in the family is highly gifted musically. The best form of musical foundation any parent can give a child, you would say.


The proud father, The Most Revd. Emmanuel Nglass and the gifted Nglass boys

Admitting that the acceptance of Classical Music in Nigeria is very low, Julius agrees that the Nigerian Classical Singer must re-invent themselves to be more marketable, taking a cue from the Hip-Hop musicians whom according to him took a decisive decision that brought about the acceptance of what ever they do today.

“We must carry ourselves with the poise and charisma suitable for what we do. A lot of us give the people the impression that what we do is common”

He called for Classical Musicians to begin to compose and perform songs that the Nigerian audience can relate to.

An Organ business man trained in the Netherlands, Julius represents the Content Classical Organs, also made in the Netherlands. He is a dealer, technician and builder.


He also plays the Violin, Drums, Piano and Organ.
He is the Assistant Organist at the church of Nativity, Ikoyi, Lagos.


Please put your hands together for the Experience Man, an Organist, Pianist, Violinist and Organ Business Man

Julius Nglass


Ifediora, Obinna Maurice

Musical Society of Nigeria
8/9 Marina, Onikan Lagos.
(±234) 708-708-6669
(+234) 706-338-3135




  1. Am proud of this feat Nglass. Keep the good work. I agree with you that the Classical musicians in Nigeria must go beyond singing works of Renaissance, Baroque and other generation to deliver works our own people will appreciate & own.

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  2. My beloved co-servant in His vineyard, I’m extremely happy to see you raise the bar so high. You are born to make history. Keep the flag flying. The Lord is your strength. Love you always…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You are an epitome of humility and Gods gifts. The best in you is yet to come. We are so proud of you and may God continue to sustain you.
    Auntie Tinu and Uncle Wole

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  4. Congratulations,I’m not suprised at your recent achivement.Your native name ‘Erieng Nglass Ikachep’ speaks volumes.Its just the beginning more are coming.

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  5. Jay for Julius! You’ve carved this niche for ursef n God has shown His favours upon you. Nothing, I repeat nothing compares! Go with God n ur limit will go beyond the sky. You will perform in Heaven by His grace. Amen. Congratulations, my G.

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  6. This is interesting, great nd enticing. Congratulations my beloved Julius. I am so happy nd very very PROUD OF YOU.The foundation you laid in ACOL FUTO is still standing strong. I am impressed. You Are Great. You Are Good. You Are Lifted

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