Last week on KORALTIMES we took you to the UK, where we celebrated Romanian-Nigerian pianist, Rebeca Omordia. We are back home this week and this time, join us for a trip to where I call; “THE LAND OF TENORS”.

If you’re a Nigerian Classical/Opera Musician or an ardent follower of the genre, then you should already know where I’m talking about. It’s the City of Port Harcourt. The Niger-Delta state boasts of fine Tenor Singers like Sodienye O’Mailey, Precious Omuku and Timipa Lagemo, also Veteran Baritone, Otonte Ekimiete, Ibifiri Olungwe – Soprano, Hope Thomas also a Soprano among others. I particularly like the city because it has more Tenors than any other parts, which is why I have decided to call it “THE LAND OF TENORS”.

The artiste of this week is Veteran Tenor singer, Sodienye O’Mailey, who has paid his dues as a Classical Singer in Port Harcourt. He has become a big role model to young singers in the oil rich city.


               Tenore – Sodienye O’Mailey

A native of Calabar – Henshaw Town and partly from Bonny, Rivers State his maternal home, Sodienye grew up in Port Harcourt and has lived there all his life. He started singing in 1988 at the age of 12, Sodienye used to enjoy his younger ones whilst they sing at home, so he had to join them for choir practice at St Cyprian’s Anglican church, hospital road, Port Harcourt, since he was on holidays from school, back then.


A self trained Singer, Sodienye had the opportunity to meet the late Prof. Adam Fiberesima, in 1994. Professor Fiberesima who was interested in his Vocal Prowess then gave him some tutorials, Sodienye also took some courses in Singing and also read lots of books.

As a Mentor to lots of young Singers in the PH City, Sodienye admits that singers in that region lack basic training in singing, even though there are raw talents dispersed everywhere in the art. He plans to help train and retrain singers with the help of Professional Vocal Trainers in the country.


Sodienye in performance with a young and upcoming Soprano singer.

Sodienye hopes that Classical/Opera artistes and musicians in Port Harcourt will begin to study the art. He calls for singers to learn the basics of both theory and singing. He also called on senior colleagues to carry the upcoming singers along.

He has Performed at many big events across the country, some of which include, NLNG legendary awards and other NLNG events, Bank of the Year Awards. He’s been awarded the most outstanding soloist in Rivers State at the  Rivifest choral competition and has also performed at several Federal Government Functions, Burial ceremony of late Pa Jonathan, father to the former President, Chieftaincy title of the wife of the former President (Patience Jonathan), Corporate affairs summit hosted by the former President (GEJ), Federal Govt financial summit.


Sodienye featuring at a Radio Rivers event.

Sodienye O’Mailey is a philanthropist having hosted several Charity concerts for the less privileged, giving out food items and other valuable materials. He is a Youth Ambassador for peace of the United Nations.

Ladies and gentlemen, an applause for the Veteran, SODIENYE O’MAILEY


Ifediora, Obinna Maurice

30 Adenrele Street,
Egbeda Akowonjo,
Lagos, Nigeria.
(±234) 708-708-6669
(+234) 706-338-3135


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