EeeeTIM!!! (Sneezing)……
That’s how I address this young man whenever I see him.
Blame it on the sound of his name that sounds like a person sneezing, or say I’m good at making a mountain out of a mole hill with people’s names and I’ll agree.


I first met David Etim so many years ago whilst he was auditioning to study music at the Muson School of Music. Well, he wowed the Violin Teacher, Pa Godfrey Amoah who was so impressed with his fine tone and dexterity on the Violin.
Of course David got admitted to study music at the Muson School of Music, arguably Nigeria’s Best Music Institution.

A native of Udukpanni in Cross Rivers State, born in Kaduna and grew up in Lagos, David started with the Harmonica, way back in secondary school.
His first music class started in at the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry, (MFM), Where he fell in love with the violin and then the harmonica became history.


He Had his first music class in 2009 under the tutelage of Mr. Demola Adejayan, who taught him how to play the violin.

A fine violinist indeed, David talks about the current generation of young and vibrant Nigerian Violinists currently scattered around the country and making waves in Classical/Opera, Art and Popular Music at the moment.

“I love the zeal young Nigerian violinist have towards art music but most of them fail to understand that there’s more to being a violinist. It takes patience, discipline and determination to be a unique violinist. Most of us were privileged to study music at Muson and there, we were able to have a one on one tutorial with music professors. So, I can proudly say we have a strong foundation in this art”


David in a studio session with Vincent Haastrup

For a young and upcoming Violinist, David Etim has made a name for himself in the Music Industry, he’s a member of the Perfect 4th String quartet, DKO Orchestra, Abuja Philharmonic Orchestra and Muson  Symphony Orchestra.


He has also worked with notable Local and International musicians, some of which include; Keziah Jones, Nneka, Tuface, MI, Omawunmi, Kore, Ebenezer Obey, Kaline, Waje, Eric Hasanni, Niyola and Asa to mention a few. He’s also appeared in several music videos of A list Musicians like Onyeka Onwenu in the peace song that involved major Nigerian artistes, Timi Dakolo’s song for Nigeria among others.



David poses with Nneka and Jimmy Jat.

David has taken part in Opera concerts and Festivals both in Nigeria, South Africa and Europe, where he worked with some notable Orchestra Conductors; Arjen tien, Holland, Daniel Roland, Professor of Music, Royal School of Music London, Patrick Godwin, concert master of Capetown Philharmonic Orchestra etc.


David playing with an Orchestra in Europe

With just Six years experience as a Violinist, David has acquired a great technique on his instrument, he owes it to his former teacher.

“My experience with Pa Godfrey Amoah was awesome. I can remember how he used to stop me every six seconds just to check my notes. It wasn’t easy for me because i was still getting used to techniques. He made me understand that Violinist build their notes, he was a really good teacher, it was a rare privilege to have studied under him. I miss my first and only Ghanian teacher”

He has also performed at various events home and abroad and also worked with notable brands; Lagos Jazz Festival 2012 and 2015, Nigeria’s Independence Concert, Ajumogobia Foundation Concert, Stellenbosch International Chamber Music Festival in Cape Town, South Africa.
Heineken, Airtel, Tinsel, Africa magic, Johnny walker, Chevron board of trustees, First Bank, UBA, Zenith Bank, Fidelity Bank, Unilever plc, Little saint orphanage and a myriad of others.


David hopes to create an International Standard in Orchestral Music in Nigeria and to deliver top notch music events and festivals.
He hopes to empower Nigerian youths to stay away from crime by training them to become world class string instrumentalists. For David, music can occupy their minds and reduce the risk of juvenile delinquencies.
A tall dream you would say, but it is achievable.

And finally he hopes to create a good standard of film music for the Nollywood Movie Industry.



Asides of playing the Violin, not many people know that David is also a Singer and a member of an acapella group.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please, a rousing ovation for this young dynamic Violinist, Singer, Teacher and Musician;



I had to sneeze again……



  1. Amazing young talent this guy is… I call him “the violin maestro”. His love and passion for music can’t be over emphasized. Humble and disciplined too. God bless you and the works of your hands. Always proud to have you as a brother. Love you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Music is a sound that is pleasant to the ear, now that being said. David the Maestro is a blessing to our generation and to our Family. Ride on bro I’m so proud to be your big Bro. One luv.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. An exceptional, superb, inspiring and expressive violinist. His knowledge of most, if not all genres of music is impressive!

    Your humility will take you farther than you ever imagined or dreamed. This is just the beginning. Greater heights!

    So proud of you David!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Dis is so great, I’m so proud of u bro, keep up d good work, d sky is ur limit, thks for being an inspiration to other people, may God continue to bless u n make u greater n greater.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Etim is one of the good violinist that rich African music comes out of his playing. Please keep it up. Tom up Obinna more endowment.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. A great Violinist indeed!Love his innovative and dynamic way of moving around musical notes…His jovial nature blends pretty well with his interpretation of music….Nigeria truly has fine musicians….GREAT JOB Sir!

    Liked by 1 person

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