Oluwaseun Oluwabusuyi

Nigeria is blessed with so many fine Clarinetists like; Femi Ogebule, Jide Abiona, Segun Adeleke and Samuel Babalola to mention a few, but ‘Seun Oluwabusuyi Stands out among the crowd for his fine tone, dexterity, technique and most of all speed, having carved a niche for himself as a Clarinet player.


A native of Isan Ekiti in the South Western part of Nigeria, Oluwaseun Oluwabusuyi Daniel started appreciating music from Junior Secondary School at Ajayi Crowther Memorial Grammar school, Bariga, there he had his first encounter with music theory.

He started with the Piano in 1995, but later switched to the Clarinet when Pastor Remi Collins advised that he picked up an Orchestra Instrument because playing the piano requires many years of practice before mastery.
‘Seun loved the Cello but couldn’t resist the Chalumeau register of the Clarinet.


In 1997 he gained admission to study music under the tutelage of Mr and Mrs Boamah at the Refunda School of Music where he bagged a Diploma in Music in 1998. While at the school he was taught the Clarinet by the Maestro Seun Owoaje who set the pace for his musical journey.

In 1998 ‘Seun gained admission to Obafemi Awolowo University, but couldn’t attend, for financial reasons. He resolved to do some professional music examinations starting with Muson Grade 8 Theory and Grade 8 Clarinet, which he passed with distinction in 2003.

In 2002, he gained admission to the Lagos State University to study History Education, but dropped out after he found no fulfilment studying the course. ‘Seun recounts; “I couldn’t find the connection between History Education and Myself”.
He returned to the Institution in 2008 to study his passion, Music and graduated in 2012.


A principal Clarinetist of the Muson Orchestra, a seat he occupies till date, ‘Seun speaks of Nigeria’s Classical Music performance.

“Classical Music in Nigeria has come a long way, but the practitioners have a lot of work to do. Take for example anytime there is a concert in Lagos, I think it should be taken to all the six geo political zones in Nigeria and must be well advertised. With these awareness, the new generation will know that music does not end with hip hop, because that is what the media feeds them with all the time. More awareness for Classical Music is required for it to cut across the country. I also think major events in the country should be our focus, once people know the value they will come for it”.


In a country where people think Talent in Music is just enough and the study of Music is not necessary, ‘Seun thinks differently.

“It’s a shame practicing music for years without having any certification from any professional bodies. It’s impossible to be called to bar without going to Law school and very impossible to be a Medical Doctor without going to Medical School but we take Music as God’s given talent without refining it. Crude Oil cannot be PMS until it is refined. Studying music is refining the Crude Oil God has given you. Having good voice does not say you don’t need Vocal Techniques to handle technical pieces/songs, Michael Jackson had a Vocal Teacher till he died. Music Education is paramont, but it’s so sad that some people who do not know what a crotchet is, people who do not even have talent in the first place profit from music. All you need these days is not the talent, it’s having the money to go into the studio and drop a line, then the producer adds all the effects in the world to beautify the bad voice and the music is done. All music in the world can be notated for future generation but lack of musical knowledge will make your work die with you. Handel of the 17th century is still relevant today, with his song Hallelujah chorus sung all over the world because it was penned down. How many music of today music can last for 300 years? It’s a big question we need to ponder over. Music is as vast as Law and Medicine, you can study music up to PhD level and diversify to what ever genre you chose to explore”

It remains to be seen if Nigerians will agree with him.


‘Seun Oluwabusuyi admits that the Study of Music is very expensive, but advised those who have come along way to attend regular conventions and master classes, according to him, things are changing in the world musically and musicians need to be at par with the best global practice and regular training is required to keep up to date in the profession.

‘Seun Oluwabusuyi has acquired several certificates in Music, they include; Theory of Music Grade 5 in 1998, Clarinet Grade 8 with distinction from MUSON in 2004 and from the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music, London (ABRSM), Theory of Music Grade 8 in 2004, Clarinet Grade 8 in 2005, Dip.ABRSM and Licentiate in Clarinet Performance in 2008 & 2009 respectively, Grade 8 in Practical Musicianship and Saxophone Performance both in June 2011, the later with distinction, Dip.ABRSM in Saxophone Performance in 2012 and Bachelor of Arts in Music from Lagos State University in 2014.

‘Seun had several master classes under international music scholars like Professors Ralph Wilder & Paul Konye both from the United States; Linlin Pan from China; Thomas Kanitz from Germany, Dr. Sotiris Papadopoulus from Greece, whose Spice Band he performed with over a period of years.


Other bands and music groups he performed or still performs with are; The SR orchestra of the elder statesman, Late Elder Steve Rhodes, Preachers Band, Muson Symphony Orchestra, Classicafricano Music (which he created and is a principal partner), etc. He also released his debut album titled “Stepping Out In Style” in 2007, produced by ‘Seun Owoaje.

He has worked at the Mountain Of Fire And Miracles headquarters under the General Overseer Dr. D K Olukoya as Music Director of the Youth Choir with over 300 members between 2000 & 2007 and the Men’s Choir with over 200 members from 2009 till 2011.

A seasoned Saxophonist, ‘Seun recently released a Single titled “Prayer” for which he shot the video amidst glitz and glamour.




Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your hands together for this Musician, a Clarinetist, Saxophonist and Teacher OLUWASEUN OLUWABUSUYI




  1. My Brother and My friend. U r a true redisance man and a drill blazzer who has shown no sign of slowing down. The Throne of God is ur limit. Wa se de I bi e re loruko Jesu Kristi.

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  2. The most important thing is the fact that Seun is a huge Blessing to the body of Christ, any beautiful story you tell about Seun will fit because they’re true,
    The rate at which Seun raises young musicians makes him different from every other minister in the gospel,
    Seun is been through thick and thin and he’s still standing, and that makes me admire him,
    I have always prayed for God to give the body of Christ more Seun who’s ready and willing to render selfless service to the church of the living God,
    We’re eternally greatfull to God that Seun is a Nigerian with a difference,
    God bless the day Seun was born,
    God bless Seun’s parents for bringing Seun in the way and fear of God , Today we’re all reaping the fruits of this young son of Jesus,
    We’re blessed to have you with us Seun.

    Pastor Matthew King
    Dallas Texas.

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  3. He is a genius. To be humble, I’ll say is one of the best I’ve come across in recent times. So ambitious and confident, and his skills speaks volume. He’s my teacher and mentor. I never knew he had a stint with the Cello, which makes the two of us. On all grounds, I can testify that he’s a very good man. I’ll still like to stay under his tutelage for some times more. Congratulations, sir.

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  4. I celebrate you sir. You are not just one of the musicians out there, you are one with a difference. My experiences with you were life changing and I can boldly say that those lessons are part of what has helped me come this far. You have a heart of diamond and like I have always prayed and will always do, may God continue to bless the works of your hands and take you to the level beyond your reach and imagination. Once again, I celebrate you sir. Congratulations!

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  5. Obinna Well done for such a nice write up, may the Lord Almighty continue to give you direction and inspiration to do more. Seun a proficient clarinetist worth celebrating. Well done once again.


  6. Very humble & nice as a person…I love him like a brother.. He challenges me a lot during the years I spent with him….a real professional indeed…. More grace to him

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  7. Mr Seun has been a source of blessing to my life which has also influenced pple around me. He made me see a reason to get back on my feet when I thought I have lost all hope in doing music.
    He is a mentor, father and also a Counselor, I could remember walking up to him to help me improve my clarinet playing which he accepted and I started classes with him and in less than 2 years he prepared me 4 a grade 8(ABRSM) in clarinet performance which I passed, isn’t dat miraculous. He is more than a blessing to me and I will not stop being with him cause I would like to be a blessing to others and this can only be achieved by being around the blessed ones.
    Mr Seun thanks for always being there I love u so much. I remain your humble follower. God bless you

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